Microbial Evolutionary Medicine Seminar

The second online Microbial Evolution Seminar will take place on 17 December 10am EST/ 4pm CET

Assistant Professor Elsa Hansen from the Pennsylvania State University, will present her recent work on antibiotic resistance.

Elsa will give a 20 minute presentation, followed by 40 minutes of discussion in break-out rooms and in-plenum.
We would like these sessions to be informal and with opportunity for participants and presenters of different backgrounds and expertise to join in. 

If you want to participate, you can sign up here. If you (know of someone who)’d like to be added to the mailing list let us know.

Organizers: Sandra Breum Andersen, Jesse Shapiro, Constance Schultzs, Michael Baym, Melanie Ghoul & Marjon de Vos

New Lab Members

From September on we will have few new lab members.

A new PhD student will investigate the role of epistasis and ecological interactions on the evolution of antibiotic resistance and horizontal gene transfer in polymicrobial infectious communities – and MSc students will work together with the PhD students in silico and in the laboratory, online and offline.

Due to COVID-19 measures it is yet unclear when the labs will reopen –

we keep our fingers crossed for September!

PhD Scholarship Program

We are looking for talented students who wish to design their own PhD research project within the scope of the research theme Adaptive life. Please click on the following link for a non-exhaustive list of topics and associated supervisors: https://www.rug.nl/(…)research-topics.docx.

You are expected to write your own research proposal on one of the topics related to the theme Adaptive Life. One of these topics is The spread of antimicrobial resistance via horizontal gene transfer in infectious microbial communities. Supervised by Marjon de Vos, Sander van Doorn and Oscar Kuipers. If you are interested in this topic – feel free to contact me.

You can send in your application, including a short research proposal before 1 April 2020.

More information can be found here.