Photostudio G.J. Vlekke / Fotovak B.V. Phone  0031-174-241537 The Netherlands

Marjon de Vos – PI

I am an assistant professor at GELIFES at University of Groningen (The Netherlands) where I investigate the ecology and evolution of bacteria derived from polymicrobial (infectious) ecosystems, and antibiotic resistance.

I teach part of the BSc and MSc courses on Evolutionary Medicine, Microbiome and Genomics in Ecology and Evolution courses.

Additionally, I am coordinator of the GREEN cluster in GELIFES, treasurer for the Association for Researchers in the Talent Scheme of  NWO (VVViO), member of The Netherlands Organisation for Health Research and Development core committee on Infectious Diseases and Antibiotic Resistance, Fellow of the Aletta Jacobs School of Public Health, member of the International Advisory Board for The Lancet Microbe.


As a NWO VENI postdoctoral fellow at the laboratory of Genetics at Wageningen University  I investigated the evolution of antibiotic resistance and microbe-microbe interactions in polymicrobial infections.

During my postdoc in the Biophysics and Systems Biology group at IST Austria (group moved to Cologne) I worked on microbial interactions in bacterial communities derived from patients suffering from urinary tract infections, and antibiotic resistance.

During my PhD in the Biophysics group at AMOLF I studied genetic and environmental interactions that determine the course of evolution. The results were described using the fitness landscape metaphor.

Yvonne van Katwijck – Secretariat 


Tel: +31 50 36 37652

Jolanda Brons – Technician


Email: J.K.Brons[at]

Tel: +31 50 36 32191

I have been a molecular biology research technician at the University of Groningen since 2001.

My role within the group is quite diverse, next to supporting the group, running the lab and performing field work I also have my own research projects.

In my current research project I am focusing on virulence genes in E. coli in urinary tract infections.

Lars Zandbergen – PhD student


Email: L.E.Zandbergen[at]

I am a PhD student at GELIFES at the University of Groningen since December 2018. My project is about the ecology and evolution of infectious ecosystems with a focus on bacterial interactions and antibiotic resistance development of bacteria from the urinary tract.
I started investigating bacterial interactions of urinary tract bacteria at the laboratory of Genetics at Wageningen University for my final thesis of my MSc degree. During my MSc I also worked on identifying a novel bacteriocin from Enterococcus species to inhibit the growth of pathogenic Enterococcus bacteria at the UMC Utrecht.

Part of the project is in collaboration with Alan J. Wolfe, Loyola University Chicago, US. Part of the project is in collaboration with Oscar Kuipers, Groningen. Part of the project is in collaboration with Alan McNally, IMI Birmingham, UK.

Misshelle Bustamante – PhD Student


I come from Ecuador. I studied Ecology, Evolution and Conservation Biology during my MSc. I did my thesis on the role of HGT in the evolution of microbial metabolism. My research interest since then has been in microbial evolution. Now I am a PhD student in the Adaptive Life research theme at GELIFES and I study the role of eco-evolutionary interactions on the spread of antimicrobial resistance by means of HGT in pathogenic microbial communities.

The project is a collaboration with Oscar Kuipers, Sander van Doorn and Franjo Weissing in Groningen, and Alvaro San Millan (Madrid, Spain). PhD student Ines Daras, and an MSc student are involved in the theoretical part of the project.

Si Nguyen MaiEcology and Evolution MSc student. Working on a computational project on bacterial interactions limiting disease, with Chris Barnes and Neythen Treloar (UCL, UK).

Freya EriksenMSc MEME student. Working with Lars Zandbergen on higher-order ecological interactions in urinary bacteria.

Jesper Mertens MSc Biomedical Sciences student. Working with Misshelle Bustamante on HGT in UTI-related bacterial communities.

Past members

Ivi Koffie – Internship Student (Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences)

Noor van Bree – Internship Student (Hanze University of Applied Sciences)

Jaimy Ernsten – Internship Student (Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences)

Afra Salazar de Dios – MEME – MSc Student

Lisanne Zoethout – Internship Student (Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences)

Isabelle van der Windt – Internship Student (Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences)

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